After meeting in 2003 and sharing several short-term mission experiences in Guatemala through our church, we soon realized God had brought us – Rich, Maurina, Kevin, and Nancy – together for a greater purpose than just great friendship!  We began to sense Him nudging us to play a greater role in His plans for the Guatemalan people.  On a vision trip to the Ixil area of Guatemala in January 2007, God’s plan began to be revealed to us as He threw open doors, placed people squarely in our path, and led us to a Bible institute in the highlands of Guatemala.  Rich had long desired to facilitate pastor training in this little part of the world, and we felt that somehow God could use us in this capacity.  Little did we know!

While visiting with Mike and Sharon Harvey of ASELSI at their training center in Chichicastenango, Sharon told us of a vision – of God’s mighty “wind” blowing through the region, breaking down the strongholds of despair and pouring forth His love and His Word into the hearts of the people.  Several days later with this vision still fresh in our minds, we stopped into a little café in Nebaj run by a white-haired gentleman affectionately known as Papi.  He told us of a program he had established to help disabled children in the area.  When asked why he had decided to do it, he paused for a long moment and nonchalantly replied, “Because it needed doing.”  God had given us a vision of WIND and now an acronym for WIND – When It Needs Doing.

Since establishing our non-profit corporation, WIND, we have been humbled by what God has done.  A little Bible institute near to closing its doors has seen an explosion in enrollment.  Qualified teachers are being put in place, and the Bible is being taught to pastors and lay people alike.  A small elementary school, struggling to stay open when we found it in 2011, is now providing quality education to students in grades K-6. We are in awe!

Some of our hopes and desires for the future are to continue to bring Bible teaching to those who desire to learn, to help improve education and medical care, to be part of fostering a stronger community environment in Cotzal and its surrounding villages, to be His hands and feet.  Above all, our desire is to show the love of Jesus Christ and to be used by Him to make a difference……because that always needs doing.